Food Talk is a quarterly newsletter designed to help food managers convey vital food safety information to their food workers. It is a ready-made education and outreach tool used by health departments and businesses with food handling staff. The content reflects the recommended practices in the latest edition of the FDA model Food Code.


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Sanitation tips for food workers!
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One thing eggs, poultry, and ground meats have in common is that they are among the foods that are often linked to outbreaks of Salmonella. Although outbreaks from other dangerous bugs such as
E. coli O157:H7 have declined, the experts are seeing an increase in Salmonella outbreaks.

Have you ever wondered why smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products is not allowed in kitchens? Could a little cigarette ash in the food really hurt anyone? Actually, smoking cigarettes can cause many problems in a foodservice setting and one of them is linked to what food safety experts call “personal hygiene.”

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Victoria Griffith

Victoria Griffith

“Food Talk is a wonderful tool to enhance any food safety program. The key to food safety awareness and information retention is to constantly train and talk to staff members about food safety topics. You have to keep it fresh and fun! Food Talk comes quarterly and is full of great topics that you can use at pre-shift meetings on a daily basis. “

- Victoria Griffith, CP-FS, Certified Professional for Food Safety, President, Griffith Safety Group, Inc.
Griffith Safety Group